Terms and Conditions:

I authorize Booneville Church of Christ to initiate an electronic payment for the amount specified above from my bank account or credit/debit card listed above. I understand and agree that if this authorization is for a one-time payment; once payment is authorized, there cannot be any changes, corrections or cancellations. I understand and agree that if this authorization is for recurring payments; the authorization may be revoked only by contacting Booneville Church of Christ during normal business hours at (662) 728-5544 in such time and manner as to allow Booneville Church of Christ a reasonable opportunity to act.

Booneville Church of Christ charges a Consumer, Convenience, Service or Site Fee herein referred to as "Convenience Fee" to use your credit/debit card as form of payment. Convenience fees DO NOT APPLY to ACH/eCheck payments. By accepting "Convenience Fee" at time of payment you agree to have funds sufficient to pay "the Fee". The convenience fee for the use of this site, software and payment services are calculated and displayed prior to you entering in any of your payment information. The convenience fee is in addition to the bill (the payment you are making). The convenience fee charge covers costs including but not limited to programming, site hosting, bandwidth, communications, software, data security, and processing costs.

By paying your bill using the Booneville Church of Christ payment service, you are authorizing Booneville Church of Christ to charge your credit/debit card or checking account the total amount that is indicated above. This total amount includes the "Convenience Fee" amount that is indicated for credit/debit card transactions. You agree that the credit/debit account specified by you for this bill payment is an account that you own, and that you have sufficient funds in that account to make this payment.

Your credit or debit transaction will be processed in real time and if your card company authorizes your payment, you will receive an email notification from us confirming your payment. In the event your payment is not processed or authorized by your card company, your payment liability shall remain outstanding and unpaid and you will be subject to all applicable penalties, late fees and interest charges assessed by the relevant entity thereon, all of which obligations remain your sole responsibility.

Your use of this site and the service it provides shall constitute and indicate: